Project overview

Renewable energy producer Enefit Green is building a wind farm with 13 wind turbines in Tolpanvaara

The wind farm will consist of 13 wind turbines, cables connecting and roads leading to the turbines, and two substations. Thirteen wind turbines will be constructed from a maximum of 22 wind turbine positions.

The construction of the wind farm will start with preparatory work, with the first stage of operations seeing the construction of roads, cleaning of the areas for the construction of the wind turbine foundations, and the preparation of crane pads. This will be followed by the laying of the foundations, the installation of the cables, and the construction of the substations. The first wind turbines will be erected around a year after the start of the operations, i.e. in spring 2023 under the current schedule. Before the project is declared completed, the installed wind turbines will be tested and configured over the course of several months to ensure that everything is functioning correctly.

About the developer

Enefit Green is one of the leading diversified renewable energy producers in the Baltic Sea region.

Enefit Green has production units located in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland and an ambition to increase production capacity 2,4 fold by 2025.

The company has a total of 22 wind farms, 38 solar power parks, four CHP plants, a pellet plant and a hydroelectric power plant.

Enefit Green currently has four wind farms under construction. Two of these are in Lithuania, one in Estonia and also Tolpanvaara in Finland. In addition, the company is building two solar parks in Poland.

Renewable energy produced by Enefit Green

In 2021 Enefit Green’s shares were listed on the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange and a record-breaking 60,000 investors marked the shares. The largest shareholder of Enefit Green is the Republic of Estonia with 77% ownership, while 23% belong to investment funds, pension funds and retail investors.

In 2020, Enefit Green took over the development of the Tolpanvaara Wind Farm from the previous owner of the project, the Finnish state-owned forest management enterprise Metsähallitus. The wind farm, which will be completed by the end of 2023, is the company’s first investment in Finland.

The total investment required for the construction of the wind farm amounts to 82.9 million euros. This will largely be covered by long-term power purchase agreements. These are concluded with consumers who wish to use renewable energy and fix the terms of their electricity contract for a longer period.